xCrease™ Goalie Slideboard

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The X-Crease™ Goalie Slideboard (patent pending) with "Consistent Confidence Crease" training is designed for goalie-specific development needs.

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  • Designed to train goalie-specific muscles.
  • Built to withstand commercial training facility environments.
  • Utilizes the highest quality materials to meet our XHockeyProducts standard.
  • NHL regulation goalie crease (overall size 15' x 9').
  • Ideal for one-on-one coaching.
  • Teaches proper positioning with the use of visual cues.
  • Provides an on-ice feel without the use of skates.
  • Available innovative video series brought to you in partnership with ProHybrid Goalie Training.


  • One xCrease Goalie Slideboard.
  • Your choice of:
    • One pair of Small Goalie Leg Pad Covers (29" and Below).
    • One pair of Medium Goalie Leg Pad Covers (30" to 36").
    • One pair of Large Goalie Leg Pad Covers (37" and Above).
  • One pair of Slideboard Booties (Shoe covers).
  • One can of Slide Board Polish (14oz. can).
  • Visual lead poles.
  • All pushers and bumpers.

THE FIRST GOALIE-SPECIFIC SLIDEBOARD IN EXISTENCE! and Fan-tastic Sports. are pleased to announce an exciting new off-ice slideboard system designed specifically for GOALIES.

This innovative training device challenges goaltenders both on-foot and sliding on pads, all while ensuring proper positioning within the crease. Introducing the xCrease Goalie Slideboard (patent pending) with "Consistent Confidence Crease" training is designed to:

  • Train goalie-specific muscles.
  • Teach proper postioning with the use of visual cues
  • Provide an on-ice feel without the use of skates.
  • Teach goaltenders through an innovative video series brought to you in partnership with ProHybrid Goalie Training.

The xCrease Goalie Slideboard is an NHL regulation goalie crease slideboard that utilizes Fan-tastic Sports technology along with the ProHybrid Visual Lead Position System. This system allows a goalie to develop muscle memory using the same Squareness, Angle and Depth as he on the ice.


Our patent pending crease uses adjustable stoppers to create customizable movement patterns. PowerStrides, Shuffles, Pushoffs, Recoveries, Slides and even paddle down wraps can be practiced on our board. TWO


Our crease has two challenging levels: Foundation and Elite. Young goalies will want to start our using the crease at the Foundation Level. This level will allow them to get a feel for our system. (show pics and short demo) The Elite Level has stopper placements progressively further out as you approach the top angle. This level will challenge even the most established goaltenders due to the precision needed in angle adjustment and power it takes to carry the full distance outside the crease.


All stoppers are located on our Awareness to Squareness Lines. Each line gives the goalie / trainer immediate feedback as to whether or not Squareness has been achieved to a specific angle. In addition to the stoppers, T The X-Crease Goalie Slideboard is equipped with a Recovery Bumper. This semi circle railing mirrors the crease line. It is used to execute a recovery or pushoff from the your butterfly. The bumper is strategically placed in an ideal position relative to the stoppers for maximum load and power out of your hybrid setup. Moving in towards the posts you will find 2 blue net play stance stoppers. These stoppers are placed off of each post to ensure the goalies feet are 30 degrees off the goal line. This 30 degree angle gives the goalie a solid base while allowing him to see the strong side corner while keeping the weak side blue line angle in peripheral vision. The goalie can lead the play with a quick shuffle, come back to the same post, lead again, then rotate and shuffle 30 degrees back to the opposite post. In addition, our crease has paddle down wrap recovery bumpers in place. These arched rails enable the goalie to recover out of a paddle down wrap as if a player makes a pass instead of executing a wrap around.

The xCrease Goalie Slideboard is 15' wide by 9' deep. For more Information, call 888-393-2008! Another innovative product by and Fan-tastic Sports.

Built for Players by Players!


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